Jill (Conway) Broun has kindly published her personal account, which sets the record straight about the events surrounding the last days of Sandy's precious life. (From her book PEREGRINE- A PILGRIMAGE TO A HOLY PLACE.) 6th September 2006

In the months leading up to her death Sandy visited us at Achilles Road.

She was still living in the Oxfordshire cottage with Trevor and their baby daughter Georgia.

During the last months Sandy was a very unhappy girl. She complained of feeling ill all the time with recurring headaches and dizziness and blurring eyesight. When she visited us she was very distressed and cried a lot.

It was clear that her troubles were alcohol and marriage problems. Once when she stayed over-night in our spare room she was up early craving for alcohol; desperately clawing at my fridge, with a bad attack of the shakes, weeping bitterly feeling ill and bewildered, asking for drinks first thing.

In those last months I never saw her using other substances! Several times Sandy asked me to look into the pupil of her left eye, asking if it was different from her other eye!


She told me that her best friend had died of a brain tumour and because she had all the symptoms that her friend had suffered from she was convinced that she had the same condition!

In actual fact her eyes were different, one was larger than the other, but I recall trying to comfort her telling her not to worry, reasoning that it was all in her imagination, that lightening did not strike twice in the same place.

I attempted to reassure Sandy that she was unlikely to have the same disease that killed her friend.

When she went back to Trevor he neglected to get her help or medical tests for her symptoms. One day Trevor thought she was drunk when she fell down the cottage stairs with Georgia in her arms.

He was so incensed , mistaking her lack of bodily coordination for drunkenness that he upped and left Sandy, abducting her daughter he flew the baby to his parents in Australia.


He had to fly back to Britain almost immediately to Sandy's hospital bedside because the awful shock of losing her beloved little daughter caused her to collapse with a brain hemorrhage.

She passed out on the bathroom floor in the flat where she was staying.

Her good friend Miranda visited us and told us that Sandy with her glorious voice and formidable song writing talent lay in a fatal coma in intensive care on a life support machine.

During that week Jon Russell, Cat Stevens musical director took us to the newly released first Star Wars film showing at the Odeon, Leicester Square.

He took us to take our minds off the tragedy of Sandy. It was Jon's third time of seeing the film and he kept nudging me to watch his favourite parts. But I didn't see any of the film as I sat there with eyes brimming for our poor little Sandy, who as already technically dead.

Trevor switched off the life support machine after a week.

A post mortem showed that when Sandy Denny died, she had a brain tumour. After Sandy's funeral, which was a very sad affair with all of her friends crying buckets of tears for her, Trevor Lucas flew back to Australia. In 1989 his rough/tough Aussie constitution failed him and he suffered a triple myocardial infarction!

Veronica Jill Broun Conway NDD 2007. All rights reserved.
6th September 2006 : (From the book PEREGRINE - A PILGRIMAGE TO A HOLY PLACE.)


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